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London is one of the top centres of excellence for musicianship and recording facilities but at a price that some budgets cannot sustain.  There are alternatives in various mainland European cities which offer extremely high quality musicianship and recording  facility at very competitive prices. 



Our first choice of the various possibilities is Budapest. Budapest offers two superb orchestras and studio facilities of the highest quality with both musicians and the studio  staff having in depth knowledge of recording music to picture.  Working in one of the most cosmopolitan of all the Eastern European countries, now part of the EC, makes it even more interesting for producers and directors from all over the globe to consider the advantages of bringing their film and television projects to Hungary. Additionally, we can advise you on how to qualify for the Hungarian government incentive of 20% tax benefits, thereby further reducing your overall spend.



Budapest is one of the most beautiful of Europe's capital cities. The orchestras are from the New World - younger and more passionate than ever before and they give performances of world class standard. The various orchestras and specialist musicians have considerable experience in studio technique and a diversity of styles, combined with a professional and helpful attitude. The various studios available are equipped to the highest standard and the friendly personnel are both highly professional and knowledgeable in what is required for major recording projects.

Communications and hotel facilities are of the highest international standard and we can obtain favourable rates for our clients.

Budapest is well served by all major international airlines.


Mark Tucker – UK based Music Recording Engineer.

Says: "The Radio Studios in Budapest provide a fantastic environment for recording an orchestral score. The studios are fully equipped with a great selection of up to date equipment, all of which is in excellent working order. The dedicated, experienced and flexible engineering staff offer 100% support in meeting your recording requirements.

Having recorded several scores there, I have found the service to be second to none. The scoring stage has a great symphonic sound, whilst at the same time being controllable and is therefore able to meet many various scoring styles with ease.

With a wide selection of microphones, state of the art console, Pro-Tools with scoring to picture facilities, the Radio Studios offer an impressive environment in which to record your score."

If you want to see the tech spec, click here.


The venues suggested below are also for consideration. 

The Slovac National Symphony Orchestra and Radio Concert Hall is of a high standard for more traditional based orchestral scores.

Communications and hotel facilities are of an extremely high international standard. Favourable rates for our clients are possible depending on the number of personnel and nights.

Bratislava is also well served by all international airlines from the UK and Europe.


We are able to offer a choice of recording venues and orchestras in Prague Including the world famous Dvorak Concert Hall, Barrandov’s Studio Smecky and the studio of the Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

Communications and hotel facilities are of international standard and we can obtain favourable rates for our clients.

Prague is also well served by all major international airlines.


Various Orchestras and studios offer a high standard at competitive prices.

Moscow is also well served by all major international airlines.


For further information on any of the venues mentioned above, please contact us.

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